A Love Poem of Little Consequence​

By Grand Me Sea Gull

I’ve loved you since the dawn of time

And will love you until time ends

A major thing of little consequence

How can that be you may wonder?

What does it really mean?

It means, “they said” it could not be.

Tell that to my heart!

The depth of emotion that lives there.

IT could not exist… IT is still there

Feeble, perhaps from lack of nurturing.

Don’t tell me it will diminish with time.

It lives in my heart as it always has.

It is the white elephant /Never discussed.

But cherished for all time.






By Grand Me Sea Gull

I’m from Eden, Adam and Eve

Do not be deceived

I’m from Mesopotamia

I’m from Academia

The deep forests decay

From the ocean and cay

When the planet was new

And creatures were few.

I came to partake of the splendor

To become part of life as it grew

I’ve been here forever

Some call me mother, some Earth

I’m apart of you, and you and you!




By Grand Me Sea Gull

You were built short and stocky. With your round wire-rimmed glasses, balding white head and rotund belly. You wore grey suspenders to hold up your pants. Your red plaid shirt worn at the elbows with your grey felt fedora, you had the look of the farmer that you were. It was your smile that was infectious and no one could help but smile back.

You liked to go to the bar on Saturday afternoon. To drink a beer and listen to a tune or talk about the weather with the farmers gathered there. A respite, a restful interlude before returning home to finish the chores.

In the evening, while Mom helped Grandma with the dishes, you would rock me on your tired old knee, in the wooden rocker on the porch. Enjoying your after-dinner chew. Spitting in the coffee can that sat quite near. You would rock me until my head bobbed in sleep. Your head on my shoulder and back as we both drifted off.




By Grand Me Sea Gull

I found a cup that is unique

To me, it looks tres chic


Its handle is straight, at any rate

The vessel itself under debate


It collapsed slightly in the kiln

But has the persistence of Milne


Its color is perfect, a pale green

Glaze is fine, no bubbles to be seen


Tilted alone one line, adds to its charm

It serves its function, so where the harm



By Grand Me Sea Gull

Adrift in my tiny boat among the clouds and starfish. Sailing past the quarter moon on my way to the milky way. To dip my cup for a drink before heading toward tomorrow. The milk is warm and sweet and just what a sailor needs for drifting further along. Following Cygnus in its flight, drifting over to Lyra. Visiting a Llama is always fun. Popping in on Draco is the only way to visit the dragon. Up to see the bears, Ursa Major and her son with a quick stop at Camelopardalis the giraffe. After touring the animals, the boat drifts toward Cepheus, King of Ethiopia, his wife Cassiopeia, the vain and their daughter Andromeda. Last stop, before morning arrives is a visit with Hercules. As winds fill the sails, it’s time to return to home port to begin the day anew.

Remember your mooring or you’ll sail no more among the clouds and starfish.


The Clock and Me

By Grand Me Sea Gull

When I was new and young

I stood straight and very tall

Like Grandfather before me

The molding around my face

Nicely framed my creamy dial

My cabinet a sleek warm brown

My brass weights, fine to see

Pendulum swung in harmony

My feet were firmly planted

On the floor to carry my frame

Some thought I looked boxy

With no dimensional shape at all

Not a wall flower I stand proudly


Age has taken its toll as it always will

Life has whittled me down in size

I sit on the mantle more than I stand

It is warm there, old hands don’t shake

My gears all work, brasses seem to

Weigh me down

The pendulum swings at a softer pace

With that occasional hitch

People walk by without a glance

Forgetting to wind me up.




By Grand Me Sea Gull

It was a cool autumn morn

My being, but ten years of age

Rode aboard the black horse

Drawn hearse with the driver


We were laying Daddy to rest

The clop, clop of the hooves

Echoed as we crossed the Potomac.

Clop, Clop, Clip, Clop


As we neared the front gate

The wind seemed to whisper

Something I couldn’t make out

My hair blew across my face


Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop

Clip, Clop, Clip, Clop

When it stopped at the gravesite

The silence was deafening





By Grand Me Sea Gull

There is nothing new in wonderland

As Lewis Carroll would have you believe

We are wondering about the hourglass sand

It will tick away, we shouldn’t be naïve


Working hard, trying to get ahead in life

Wondering if it is worth the trouble

Feeling the like the Hatter, encouraged by the wife

Faster, work even harder, the job redoubled


Wondering about the kids and how they will do

Did I teach them enough, can they think on their feet?

Was I too lenient or too much of a shrewd

With watch in hand, I pray I didn’t miss a beat.


As breadwinner and parents, we always wonder

It’s the nature of the beast, at the very least.

There is nothing new in wonderland

We can rest assured, let the wondering cease




By Grand Me Sea Gull

Albert Einstein says it’s so,

Indeed, it must be

And when I die, where does it go?

All my energy

My mass is electrically charged

But then what happens to me

Is my energy discharged?

Created or destroyed it cannot be

 Changing from mass to pure energy

So, after death- Am I synergized?

Einstein, can you answer me?